Oak Hill Virginia Online is a news site for the residents of Oak Hill (Zip Code 20171) in Fairfax County, Virginia. It is designed to foster communications and provide information for the residents of Oak Hill. The community may lack a town hall, but is residents have issues in common.

We focus on news in and around Oak Hill, to approximately a five mile radius from Oak Hill and information that would be relevant to people living in Oak Hill. Most Town of Herndon news, such as its crime reports, are ignored unless we consider it newsworthy. For Town of Herndon news, we suggest The Herndon Patch. We also look at news in Reston and Chantilly, concentrating on parts of those localities closest to Oak Hill, such as west and south Reston, and the Reston Town Center. We concentrate on news in and around Chantilly, going approximately as far as Fair Lakes. Since the commuting is important for Oak Hill residents, we also look at news about the Fairfax County Parkway, the Dulles Toll and Access Road, and the Silver Line. We examine local homeowner association web sites. However, these sites tend to publish news irregularly and some sites (such as Franklin Farm) allow news to residents only. For homeowner association news, check your local HOA web site.

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Oak Hill residents are invited to use this free web site to add news of interest to the general community. Yard sales, bake sales, church events of general interest open to the public, school events open to the public and similar events are all relevant to the local community, so we welcome these news items. Have some news? Contact us!

Some Facts About Oak Hill

Oak Hill is a growing and prosperous bedroom community bounded by the boundaries of zip code 20171. It is located in western Fairfax County in Virginia. Oak Hill was named when the Oak Hill post office was opened on McLearen Road in 1998. The community sits south of the town of Herndon, north of Chantilly, southwest of Reston, west of Oakton and southeast of Washington Dulles International Airport. Oak Hill is almost entirely contained within Fairfax County.

At the time of the 2010 Census, Oak Hill had 45,887 residents. According to the census Oak Hill is about 61% white, 1% African American, and 30% Asian. The median household income is $102,577. The age of the average resident is 34.6 years. There are 16,256 households and 2.82 people per household. Oak Hill has 1213 businesses. 32,590 people are employed in Oak Hill.

Although unincorporated the community has its name because the Oak Hill (or OakHill) farm off West Ox Road was the first known farm in the area. The farm dates back to the late 1700s. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the community began to turn from a farming community into a bedroom community. It was during that time that the Fox Mill and Franklin Farm communities were developed. Today Oak Hill is largely developed.