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As some of you may know, I am a moderator/admin for the Reston VA Online Yard Sale Facebook Group. If you are a member of that page, you know that we have thousands of members, and the number of postings has become unmanageable – both as a moderator and as a user. Facebook Groups are just not conducive to selling things. My goal is to move those people to’s classifieds section.

First, I am announcing it to those of you who are current subscribers as a pilot run. I invite you to list your things in a more organized fashion. There are only a few categories to start. If you can’t find a category that fits for your yard-sale type item, please list it under General, and I’ll work on new categories.

All listings are for 30 days.

Featured listings cost $2.99 for the month. Retail (business sales, including Longaberger, Thirty-One, etc) and service (handyman, housecleaning, etc) listings also have fees. These fees are intended to minimize spam postings on the site. Retail and service postings that are intentionally posted in a way to avoid fees will be banned from posting in the future.

Please keep it local. I am not trying to compete with Craigslist, just trying to make it easier for people local to Oak Hill to sell things to people in the immediate area.

Locality filters are also applied. If you try to list something and it doesn’t let you because of your location, and you are located within 10 miles of Herndon/Oak Hill, please contact me!

I will also be enabling comments to allow communication and feedback on listings shortly.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope that you enjoy this site!

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